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Call overseas like a pro

Affordably, and with no surprises. You’ve heard the good and the bad: people getting stuck with huge bills for calling someone overseas. Or, you heard how calling cards are a good way to save money, but they can be complicated to use or have all these surcharges.

We’ll make sure the number you dial is right. We’ll help you get going on your first few calls if you need it.

Compared to dialing straight from your home phone, ChitChat makes it easy and affordable for you. And, the great thing is, you can’t overspend because ChitChat is prepaid. No big bills around here.

Compared to calling cards, ChitChat is better too: No hidden fees. We already included everything. Easier to use. No 50 digits in a row around here either. No trips to the store before a phone call.

When you run out of minutes, you just buy more. Pretty easy, huh?

And you get all the details

Just like you would expect, you get to see your call records, billing history, and all that other stuff you are used to. Typical phone cards don’t have that sort of stuff.

How do I make an international call?

The prefix for international calls is 011. Dial 011 and then dial the country code and phone number. To look up the country codes for the country you are calling, we suggest going to and typing in "country code" and then the country name you want to find.