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Need more information?So you're using phone cards from a store?

No hidden fees. No more store trips.

The big chain store cards: good, but expensive for international calls. The ethnic market cards: sometimes great deals, but it’s a gamble. Gimmicky, illusory. Both are just not right, not convenient - out of touch with what you want.

Seven out of eight store-bought cards will provide you with (a lot) less minutes than they advertise.

Hidden fees everywhere - We see cards that say things like, “700 minutes for $5” all the time. Ponder this: If those minutes were really true, you would only need to buy a $5 phone card once every 6 months. And that’s just not happening.

They say “no connection fees” and then slap on other fees you don’t even know about. Bong charges. Nightly Sweeps. User admin Fees. Surcharge overrides. Like all those lines on the bottom of your phone bills too. Huh???

Get more value with ChitChat

More convenience - Online is easier, faster, better. You can dial less digits. You can have minutes all the time. Even when you’re not by a computer; you can buy more minutes straight from your phone.

No Fees. Good Prices - We run on Earth minutes around here, i.e. reality. We’re not promising 700 minutes for $5 and scraping away at midnight 2 days after your first call so you don’t notice. You talk 14 minutes, we charge you exactly 14 minutes. Everything included. No fuzzy math. The way it should be.